The Theater

I went to the theater this weekend with two friends to see The Seagull. It’s not my favorite Chekhov play (I prefer Three Sisters) but I thought I’d see it anyway.

I’ve always been more musical than theatrical. I have played violin for a number of years now and I played in an orchestra during high school. By contrast, my theatrical experience is limited to a couple of school plays in middle school (horror of horrors, Amy Chua would think I am a failure). I’ve been in musicals as well, but I didn’t sing or act–I played violin in the orchestra.

As a result, I much prefer music to drama. I love classical music concerts, perhaps because I can relate to music more. I do not feel quite the same way about the theater. Sometimes I find myself getting bored by plays, even when I try not to be.

I want to like the theater, I really do. To me, it represents a cultured pastime and I feel like I should like it more. Perhaps it’s just an acquired taste: after all, I did not always love opera.