National Foreign Language Week

According to Jennie over at the blog Jennie en France, this week is Foreign Language Week in the United States. Unfortunately, we Americans as a whole aren’t too keen on foreign languages. I took both Spanish and French in school and unfortunately did not learn either of them to a high level. I am currently learning Russian and loving every minute of it. But why should you learn a foreign language? Here are my reasons:

  • If you love reading, it opens up an entirely new batch of material to read.
  • It keeps your brain sharp, according to this study.
  • It helps you with your native language, like Goethe said: “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.”
  • When you learn a foreign language, you aren’t just learning the language; you learn about an entirely new culture and people.
  • You have more job opportunities. This may sound like silly advice coming from the person who has been in academia her whole life, but it’s what everybody tells me.
  • It’s fun!

Are you learning a foreign language? What are your reasons for doing so?