I am guilty of it. You see, I have some friends who have studied or are studying in St. Petersburg, and to say that I’m jealous of them would be an understatement. One of them, a lovely girl I met in the UK first term, has an occasionally updated blog about her experience.

I know I’m being silly. I have the incredible opportunity to study at a world-class university for an entire year and I have learned so much so far. Moreover, at least I have been to Russia (and Ukraine)–I know people in my Russian class who have not been but would love to go. I can always go to Russia for a longer period of time after graduation to teach English or something, right?

I guess it’s times like this when we ought to remind ourselves of what we do have to be grateful for, and the fact is, I do have loads that I am grateful for: my family, my friends, my study abroad experience… the list goes on.

Perhaps I should just stop torturing myself by reading blogs written by people studying abroad in Russia…

In the photo: St. Petersburg State University.