I Saw The Google Maps Car!

I always wondered how Google Maps got street view. Now I know: today I saw the car with a camera that acquires the footage.

Unfortunately, that’s not my photo (it’s from here). There’s also a photo on Flickr that shows the camera properly.

Seriously, how awesome is that?


8 thoughts on “I Saw The Google Maps Car!

  1. I seen this today at about 1030 a.m when i was out side at the park…playing basketball….I want one I thought it was the coolest thing ever <3333


  2. How awesome is it to see this car!!!!! I didn’t know what it was at first until I drove right up behind it and read the bumper (Google Maps). My son and I were shocked to see this in person. I was in Bridgeville, Delaware around 2 pm today 7/6/2012.


    1. I was pulling up to my chiropractic office in Dover, DE on 07/06/12 when I saw the Google Map car sitting in my parking lot. I thought… how cool is that? I took a few pictures of it, then went inside to tell the receptionist and the couple of patients that had just gotten there for the first adjustment of the day. I said, “Did you guys see that Google car out in the parking lot?” One of my patients said “How could I not see it, my husband drives it.” Her husband was in the hydrotherapy room at the time. He said he was picked out of 80 applicants to drive it. His job started sometime around March and goes till sometime in August I believe. He picked the car up in California and drove it to Delaware… where he will be driving until about the end of summer. He said there are approximately 200 Google Map cars running around. There was a computer inside… the set up looked similar to a police car. The camera mounted on the top consists of 15 cameras and when it’s wet outside you’ll see a cover over the attached cameras.

      I took some pictures, but I don’t see anywhere to them here.

      Anyway… pretty cool…



  3. I saw this car in Irapuato, Mexico on Arandas Av. I was reading a messange on my cellphone, when I looked up the car was righ infront of me


  4. My son and I saw the Google maps car in Dallas on Lemmon & inwood while we were sitting at the light. I always wanted to see the car after watching Matthew Perrys “Go On” when the guy stated that he wanted to strip naked behind the car while it was taking photos…granted I did not have the urge to strip naked but it made me laugh!!!


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