Have You Ever Been To Greenland?

After discovering the above picture, I have a strange desire to go. Greenland is one of those places that you just don’t think about that much. Did you know that it is ruled by Denmark? And that the United States really, really wanted it after World War II because of its strategic importance and offered to buy it from Denmark for $100,000,000? (Denmark refused to sell it. And since that was 1946, the amount of money offered is about $1.1 billion today.)


2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been To Greenland?

  1. Nope, never been but would love to go there. I worked with a girl once who had spent her year abroad at the University of Greenland studying Danish. She said they could see watch the polar bears from the classroom. That’s quite amazing!


  2. I’ve just looked at some pictures on google and it looks like an amazing place. The houses look similar to those in Iceland, all colourful and completely different to those in England.


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