I’m Finally Packing Light

Packing light usually isn’t in my worldview. I usually just can’t do it. Despite hearing many admonitions to the contrary, I really like to bring three sweaters when one will suffice, or a lot more shirts than necessary. And don’t even get me started on cosmetics. Seriously, men have it so easy: they don’t need to lug around all the makeup that we females do.

I’m going back to Merrie Olde England soon and I have actually managed to pack relatively reasonably (at least by my standards). It helps that about half of my stuff is currently in the UK (international students get storage during the breaks). But still, this is an accomplishment for me. Behold the ample space still left in my suitcase:


3 thoughts on “I’m Finally Packing Light

    1. LOL, I actually have my doubts about managing it again! It’s only because I had loads of stuff already in the UK that I was able to manage it… but I’m glad I did because I will be able to get all my stuff home at the end of term without having to ship anything, so that’s good.


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