Happy June

Wow, it’s June already and I have not blogged in ages. That is quite a tragedy. Here are some random updates in honor of the fact that I have only two essays (and three weeks) left.

  • I have found a great Russian language learning source that I am definitely going to bookmark. I found it while researching the suffix -щина (-shchina). The site has a great write-up on that.
  • I am writing my essay ahead of schedule. This is excellent because as soon as I finish, I’ll be able to go to the bookstore and continue looking at this one book I found last week.
  • Finally, I am starting an exciting new project soon. I am very excited about it and I will give more details once it is further in progress.

Now, back to my essay, which is on the rather morbid topic of murder: specifically, the murder of Sergei Kirov in 1934.


One thought on “Happy June

  1. Happy June to you too, Natalie! I am delighted by your blog. I’m glad the cucumber scare is over now as the poor cucumbers didn’t know what to make of all that adverse attention. I hope your reading for the approval of J.W. is going well.

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