I Love Dubbed Films

Seriously, people, today has just not been my day. I was rudely awoken at 7:00 in the morning by a drunk student who thought my room was his friend’s room, so therefore he proceeded to repeatedly bang on my door. There was no way I was opening my door, so I made a phone call and he was eventually persuaded to leave. Then, this evening someone has been smoking in the corridor off and on since about 7:00 (smoking inside is against the rules, people…). So basically, this has just not been the best day for me.

Then, I found the film Amadeus dubbed in Russian. Being that I know literally every line of the film in English, I think I will be able to learn tons of new vocabulary from this experience of watching it. As I just wrote in a comment on Zsuzsi’s blog, vocabulary is my biggest challenge in foreign languages.

I’m exhausted, so I doubt I’ll get through the whole movie tonight, but that’s fine. I’ve drafted my essay today, and that’s an accomplishment. It’s time for some Mozart.


3 thoughts on “I Love Dubbed Films

  1. For some languages, dubbing is fine, and actually very good. But let me tell you, I have yet to find a good Polish-dubbed film. For whatever reason, Polish-dubbed films (at least all I’ve seen so far) tend to keep the English volume up and it ends up distracting me from the Polish dialog.

    Maybe it’s just my sense of hearing, but both languages end up competing for my attention and and I end up losing. So I’ve been sticking to original films for Polish learning.


    1. Yes, I’ve had that problem with some Russian dubbed films. Usually when the dubbing is not professionally done, the English sound is left in and it confuses me SO much!


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