I Have A Tumblr

Yes, it’s true: I caved and got a Tumblr. I used to hate Tumblr and vowed that I would never have one, but I also once hated computers in general, laptop computers, iPods, Apple, and Twitter. (I know adore all of the above-mentioned things.)

So if you’re on Tumblr, follow me.

In other news… I met a lovely German family at dinner tonight. My German friend’s sister and grandfather visited her today and came to dinner. I enjoyed meeting them and hearing them speak German. Unfortunately, the food at dinner was not as pleasant as the company, as it was extremely, extremely salty.

Also, the E. coli outbreak over here in Europe might have been caused by beansprouts. It’s very embarrassing for the German government, as they originally blamed Spanish cucumbers for causing the outbreak.


2 thoughts on “I Have A Tumblr

  1. The sprouts didn’t surprise me, they’ve been implicated before. The Germans must be feelin’ mighty red-faced!


  2. I checked your tumblr, and I’m seriously starting to think that we need to start planning a road trip… Budapest – check. Kiev – check. Odessa – check…


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