The History Channel Is Lame

You mean you *don't* have random tiger cubs lying around?
I confess, I’m a terrible person to watch historical films and documentaries with. Like a typical history student, I’m a stickler for historical accuracy and when something is inaccurate, I will feel the need to pause the film and point out said inaccuracies (or, if I’m in a movie theater, I’ll be tempted to point out inaccuracies right there during the film).

So, as you can imagine, I was appalled to discover that the History Channel apparently does not know history so well. While watching the documentary Targeted: Baby Faced Psycho, which is about the Serb paramilitary leader Arkan, I was most displeased when the narrator said that Tito broke with the Soviet Union in 1960. Um, no, History Channel, that’s just wrong. Tito broke with the USSR in 1948, while Stalin was still alive (Stalin died in 1953), which is why the split is sometimes called the Tito-Stalin split.

Seriously, getting historical facts right is very important…