The Most Random Things Make Me Happy

Like finding out who the singer in this video is.

Back in the day, I waxed poetic about how I think the Ukrainian national anthem is lovely, especially the rendition in the video above. Unfortunately, the video does not say who the singer is. Due to luck (and my mad research skills), I was able to find out that the talented singer is Oleksandr Ponomarov (Олександр Пономарьов in Ukrainian). He’s very famous in Ukraine, and rightfully so, with a voice like that.

The second thing that has made me happy is this picture of Goran Visnjic, found on this Tumblr. He is Croatian, he is amazing, and I love him.


2 thoughts on “The Most Random Things Make Me Happy

  1. I always thought the Ukrainian national anthem was beautiful as well. Me being Polish and the languages having enough similarities, I can understand the words to be moved lyrically as well.

    And, wow, that guy looks a lot like my husband. Yum…


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