The Drama Queen

I admit that I sometimes have a tendency to be melodramatic. “I hate everyone” and “Everyone hates me” are thoughts I’ve had and occasionally even believed, especially this academic year on my study abroad. It’s been a difficult year, at times, since I left my university and friends back home in the United States and tossed myself into the British education system.

Last night I was reminded that my dramatics are, as usual, in vain. A wonderful group of friends gave me a surprise farewell dinner at nice restaurant. Together, the six of us represented quite an array of countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and of course, the United States. It was a lovely evening and it reminded me that I will miss England when I leave.


One thought on “The Drama Queen

  1. You’ve done well, Natalie. Moving abroad, where you don’t know anyone, is always tough, but I’m quite sure that you will look back at your time in England with a big smile.

    Have a safe journey back home!


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