All Things Europe: Finland

I follow a Tumblr called All things Europe that has thousands of beautiful pictures from various European countries. All the photos are lovely, of course, but sometimes certain ones strike me, like this one from Naantali, Finland.

Zsuzsi, I know you’re Finnish – have you ever seen anything like this? I’ve never been to Finland, but you live in a beautiful country!


4 thoughts on “All Things Europe: Finland

  1. Hello,

    very odd to see this picture first thing when visiting your blog for the first time.

    The house is part of a theme park of Moomin characters that were created by a Finnish author Tove Jansson. The blue house is the place where the characters live 🙂

    Great photo!


  2. Thanks for all the comments! It is an adorable house and I definitely want to visit Finland now (whether I can brave it in the winter remains to be seen…).


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