I Have Returned

Apologies for the long absence, dear readers. I have finally returned, both to this blog and home. Here is a brief summary of what has happened recently:

  • I went to London last week to do research. I managed to get lost and overpaid for my Tube ride.
  • I finished my year at Oxford. Stay tuned for a study-abroad reflections post.
  • I flew home last Saturday, which is more of a feat than it sounds like. Due to a sudden, vindictively-motivated cancellation at the last minute (i.e. between 9.00 and 9.30 Friday night), I had neither another person, nor a taxi to help me transport my luggage to the bus stop. Being that I had neither the money nor the means to call a taxi, I ended up bring four pieces of luggage to the bus stop all by myself. I must say, it was a feat of strength that I would not have thought myself capable of. But, I made it to the airport, which was the more crowded than I have ever seen it, and took off from Heathrow (two hours late).
  • Unfortunately, I picked up a cold in the airplane and I’ve been sick since Wednesday. I am feeling much better today, other than the fact that my ear is full of fluid.

I’ve spent this entire evening answering emails (I’m almost caught up!) and I’ll be writing my reflections on study abroad soon (soon meaning tonight, which mean it should be on the blog within a few days).