I Have to Buy Pens.

And why might I be blogging about this, you ask? The reason is simple, dear readers: I have not had to buy pens in years. In school, I was always finding random pens and as a result, I had quite the collection built up. I have been at university for three years and have not once needed to buy a pen (and trust me, I take copious notes and do a lot of writing in general, so it’s not like I never use my pens).

Somehow, my pen supply became depleted and I only just realized this fact. Two of my pens ran out in the past two days, so I will have to buy more soon. (Not that I mind. As my parents know, I have a strange obsession with office supply stores.)

I know where I won’t buying said pens: my university’s bookstore. The selection is terrible and overpriced. Plus, I bought resume paper this evening with my friend and it does not work with my printer, even though the package says it works with laserjet and inkjet printers. I want to return it; unfortunately, I don’t know if my friend wants to or not (we split the cost).

Oh, and the career fair is coming up. Eek! I’ve been frantically researching companies, printing my resume (on subpar paper, I might add), and drafting cover letters. All I want to do is study Russian, though. Так я люблю русский язык!


2 thoughts on “I Have to Buy Pens.

    1. I have not had time to go pen shopping yet, but I will blog about it when I do. 🙂

      Future plans can be summarized as such: find a job, eventually go to grad school and become an academic. Hopefully within a reasonable period of time…


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