Kommersant Has a Radio Station!

I love Kommersant. It’s a Russian paper that focuses heavily on business, so it’s a bit like a Russian version of the Wall Street Journal. Its website always has interesting articles that help keep me up to date about the Russian economy. Oh, and there is an English version if you don’t speak Russian.

I just discovered this morning that it has an online streaming radio station that is actually good quality. (So many streaming radio stations I have tried to listen to often do not stream properly, if at all.) If you speak Russian or are learning Russian, be sure to go the Kommersant website and listen to 93.6 FM.


One thought on “Kommersant Has a Radio Station!

  1. Thanks for the tip! 🙂 I like Kommersant too… Now that you mentioned it, I wonder if you can read it at the local library, they have some Russian newspapers.


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