People Put the Most Appalling Things on the Internet

I was reading a blog this morning, on which the blog author was expressing her displeasure about the new Facebook layout. Apparently she did not like the timeline feature that allows users to go back and view old wall posts rather easily. She was distressed that a post from 2006 was so easily accessible, and that old posts from her ex-boyfriend showed up as well.

I do not have the new layout yet – I think it’s being rolled out slowly, only to some users first – so I have not seen this for myself. But I did not understand her complaining. Is the solution not obvious? If you have information that you do not want the entire world to see, do not put it on freaking Facebook! Really, it is rather simple to delete old posts.

People do post the most appalling things on the internet. Here’s the rule I operate by, my friends: if I don’t want it to be on the internet forever and ever, I don’t put it up to begin with! It’s that simple.

Rant over.


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