Steve Jobs.

On Wednesday, 5 October, my friend A. and I were out at dinner. We had spent over an hour moaning and complaining about our lives, about how hard everything is for fourth-year students, how we worry about the future, that sort of thing. When I reached into my purse to get some money out for the bill, I checked my phone and saw six texts from my mom. She told me that Steve Jobs had died.

Apple posted the news on the front page of the website – as of this writing, it is still up. Since Wednesday, I have been thinking Steve Jobs. I wasn’t sure what to write because I never knew him and I do not think I can really add that much to what people have been saying. There have been some very moving tributes written this week.

Instead of writing something, I have decided to post a video of Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford in 2005. It’s only fifteen minutes long. You should watch it. It’s very moving. It’s very inspirational.