I Want to Knit a Penguin Sweater!


Aren’t they adorable? My mom sent me this link that had the photo. When there are oil spills in New Zealand, these penguins can be harmed if they preen and ingest the oil, so the sweaters keep them from preening until they can be properly cleaned. I really, really want to knit a sweater! How long does it take for the post to get to New Zealand?


2 thoughts on “I Want to Knit a Penguin Sweater!

  1. I would love to crochet a sweater for a penguin. Is crocheting okay? If not, I’ll learn how to know, but it will take more time to finish.


    1. Tammy, I’m not in charge of this project (I don’t even live in New Zealand, LOL), but if the sweater was the same size as the pattern specified, I can’t imagine it would be an issue if it was crocheted instead of knitted.


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