My First Guest Post

I am very, very happy to announce that I have published my first guest post, obviously on a site that is not my own. The wonderful Lisa Carter of Intralingo invited me to submit something a little while back. Some issues came up for both of us, but after some delays I have written the post, sent it to Lisa, and it has been live on her blog since Wednesday of this week.

I discovered Lisa’s blog relatively recently. If you are into language and literary translation and do not read it, you are missing out. Lisa is a Canadian who loves the Spanish language the way I love the Russian language, so she has had great success translating modern Spanish authors. (In fact, one of her translations was recently nominated for a very prestigious prize and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she wins it.)

Overall, my first experience with guest posting has been very positive and quite fun. If you want me to write a guest post on your blog, or write a guest post on this blog, don’t hesitate to contact me.

By the way, this comment by Carolyn Y. on my prior post completely made my day: As an aside, I found your blog through your guest post on Intralingo– beautiful translation of The White Guard intro! Maybe you haven’t been published, but you could and should be. Carolyn, I cannot tell you how much that means to me!

At this point, I feel like I am starting to ramble on a little bit, but I have one final thing to say: ever since I became interested in translation and reached out to the translation community on the internet, I have been so happy about how friendly and welcoming they all are. I love translators!