The Biannual Paper Panic… Is Over

I’m sure this phenomenon is familiar to many humanities students out there: I have dubbed it the biannual paper panic. You know, that time towards the end of each semester when your final paper (or if you’re really unlucky, papers) is due and you feverishly revise it and then get so sick of it by the time you turn it in that you don’t even care if the conclusion was coherent or not. That was the state I was in earlier today: revising my American history paper and by the time I got to class, I was just so happy to be rid of the stupid thing. The class for which I wrote that paper is one of those unfortunate classes that also has a final exam – the horror, the horror!

It is just strange that the end is in sight now. Next semester will be my last to experience the biannual paper panic, and it will be the worst paper panic because my thesis is due. Oh, dear…