That Pesky Third Language…

So, remember all those times I posted about learning another foreign language? I still haven’t settled on what language to learn! At the beginning of the semester, I was actually doing some proper language studies (Ukrainian), but I stopped as I got busier. I simply had too much going on, plus I was a bit afraid of Ukrainian messing up my Russian. On more than one occasion, I did use some Ukrainianisms in class.

To be honest, I keep coming back to Spanish when I try to decide what language I should do next. I took six years of Spanish in school and while I did well in the class, I never invested the requisite effort to learn it to fluency. We did learn a lot of grammar, so I have a decent amount of prior knowledge to draw upon.

I also really like Romance languages. In fact, I’d say that language family is my second favorite, after Slavic family, of course.