I Was Ahead of the Blogging Curve

I’m still stuck at my university. In their infinite wisdom, the administrative officials always, always, always schedule the history exams last – thus, I am stuck here with very little to do until the end of next week. I almost wish I had lied about having a major surgery in order to take the exam early. And yes, I know it’s not nice to lie, but it’s also not nice that I have never been able to go home early like the anthropology and psychology and math majors are able to.

So, in my spare time – because you can only study so much American history without wanting to freak out and go crazy – I have discovered that a lot of my friends have blogs. It’s kind of funny to see my peers posting their innermost thoughts on the internet because I’ve been blogging forever. And by forever, I mean since high school. And I didn’t post my innermost thoughts on the internet, of course, but I was posting about politics and current events and my life.

Anyway, the point of this was to say that I’m ahead of my time. And how I’m annoyed about being stuck here. My friend E. is home already. My friends I met last year while studying abroad are having mad crazy adventures in Europe.

And I’m hungry. So I’ll stop my whining so I can go find food.


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