Enjoy it While it Lasts…

So, I flew on Sunday and encountered many strange people in the airports. I got the good ol’ patdown in order to avoice the Machines of Death at the security checkpoint. (Seriously, I do not understand what the big deal is with the patdowns. Sure, it’s thorough, but the ones you get in the Amsterdam airport are more intense, if you ask me.)

I have my first day of classes tomorrow, which means I’ll have to survive an hour of speaking Russian.

And tomorrow, I will be taking this site down to protest that wretched SOPA. Don’t get me wrong, I am against piracy, but SOPA is bad news and I think anyone who values freedom of speech should protest. I won’t be using the lame JavaScript provided on SopaBlackout.org because you can click to access the site content. I’m going with a theme that will block my posts from being viewed. My site will be like this for twenty-four hours, i.e. the entire day on January 18 (I’ll be counting the time using Eastern Standard Time).