Google Thinks I’m an Old Man.

Slate has a funny article about Google’s ad preferences. Apparently, if you’re logged into Google and you click that link, you can find out how old Google thinks you are and whether you’re male or female based on what you’ve searched. I present the evidence of what happened when I clicked the link:

Yes, my friends, I regret to say that Google is rather convinced that I’m an old man. Apparently, searching stuff related law and government and classical music are old man topics!

In other news, I do have something I have been forgetting to write about: on my last flight coming back to university, there was an air marshal on board, and he was sitting right near me. What reminded me of this was my mom and I were talking about Melissa McCarthy, the actress who played Megan in Bridesmaids. Her performance was the one excellent aspect of an otherwise not-so-great film. But why would that remind me of air marshals, you ask? See the clip below:

(Sorry if an ad displays – I don’t have control over that. It’s not a long ad and the clip is well worth the wait.) Seriously, Megan is the best character in the entire movie.

There has not been that much else going on recently, except that I had dinner with my friend R. I am a tad annoyed with her because she did not seem to like my New Life Plan (that I haven’t shared publicly on this blog yet). I was not seeking her opinion or approval, and her attitude annoyed me.