LSAT Surprises

So, I have started studying for the LSAT in earnest. (I was supposed to start in January, but that just didn’t happen.) I expected those devious logic games to be my downfall, but, surprisingly enough, that is my best section. My worst section is logical reasoning. There are twenty-five questions on each logical reasoning section, which does not sound like much, but the questions really mess with your brain after a while. I did two logical reasoning sections this evening and I’m completely exhausted.

I will watch this documentary (I unfortunately cannot embed it below, so you’ll have to click on the link and be subjected to all the really weird ads on the site) for the rest of tonight. (By the way, it’s in Russian. An English version exists, but I have been unable to find it.)

Also, I’m thinking of changing the theme (i.e. the design) of this blog. What do you think? (I know I have a small but dedicated following out there… don’t be shy! Leave me a comment.)