The Best Blog Post Ever, From Penelope Trunk

While making the rounds of my usual blogs yesterday morning, I came across this priceless post on Penelope Trunk’s homeschooling blog. It’s called Books I Hate and it is amazing. Granted, I have not read two out of the three books on her list, but I can relate.

Here’s the strange thing about Penelope: when she’s right, she right, but when she’s wrong, she’s so very wrong. Try as I might, I simply cannot get behind the idea of doing poorly in school or getting plastic surgery and I find it more than a bit insulting for someone to suggest that I need plastic surgery to succeed in life. And letting kids play video games all the time is just stupid because young kids don’t know what’s best for them.

But back to the post in question. You should read it because it’s awesome. And hilarious.