The Weirdest Things Make Me Happy

So, back when I was still on Christmas break, my mom read about an Apple recall for first-generation iPod Nanos with a battery issue. Apparently the batteries would spontaneously blow up or something, so I thought it was a good idea to submit a request for my lovely white iPod Nano to be fixed. Apple received said request and sent me a box to be shipped FedEx.

Here’s the problem: there apparently is not a FedEx center within ten miles of my house. Why this is, I don’t know. Admittedly I do not live in a big city, but where I live isn’t that small, either. On the way home from what we thought was a FedEx shipping center (it turned out they only shipped USPS and UPS), my mom and I saw a FedEx truck. Luckily it pulled into a shopping center to make a delivery and we pulled into the same center. I took my box and all but ran to the truck, where the driver took my package, but was unable to give me a receipt.

Keep in mind this happened in early January. When Apple did not update my repair status on their website, I assumed the FedEx man had stolen my iPod, or somehow failed to deliver it. Finally, Apple acknowledged receipt of my iPod, but took forever to actually ship me my replacement. I just received a confirmation email today saying that my new iPod is winging its way to my house. The best part: I have a FedEx confirmation number! Which means I can track my iPod (it just left the facility this afternoon, in case you cared).

The only potential problem: this is not the same device I shipped to Apple. The email informed me that my replacement product has a new serial number. Seriously, if this new iPod is in less than perfect condition, I’ll be so disappointed. The one I sent was in brand-new condition. My replacement had better be the same. Most importantly: let’s hope it doesn’t have any engravings on the back. Unless it’s an engraving with my name. Then that’s okay.