Welcome to Life, Post-Thesis

Finally finished

At the end of my spring break, I went to the library to print my thesis. It was an arduous task, as my university installed a system that makes you pay for printing. I wanted to print four pages in color but the rest in black and white and the new system unfortunately does not recognize when one has multiple pages in both black and white and color. To avoid getting charged for color, I had to split up the pages as I printed. It was a little extra work, but it turned out fine.

After printing, I went to the local copy store to get it, or rather them (I had to turn in three copies) bound. The binding was cheaper then the printing, which I had not expected.

On the first day back from spring break, right before my class in the morning, I went to the history department building to deposit the copies of my thesis in the appropriate professors’ mailboxes. With that, I was done with the project that has occupied my time for so long. I commenced researching in June 2011, but I was talking about the idea with my advisor since 2010.

Burnt out, slightly

After turning in my thesis, I had such trouble motivating myself to work. I just did not want to do anything. I did my homework, of course (if I did not, I would have disappointed my Russian professor, and I really do not think I could bear to do that) but it was such a chore. It is quite a funny situation, if you think about it, because I have a lot less work now that I have finished the thesis. I think my grade on the psychology exam last Friday suffered from this lack of motivation, unfortunately. (Not that I ended up doing badly, I just did not do as well as I hoped.)

Having fun

Since finishing up the thesis, I have seen three films, which is wonderful. I rented Star Trek: Nemesis on iTunes. Back when it came out, my mother dragged me to see it, and I liked it, but I do not think I was old enough to fully appreciate it. Seeing it almost ten years later, I still liked it, though I hated the ending. (Seriously, you can’t just kill off my favorite character at the end and expect me to like the film!) Then I rented Star Trek: First Contact (I actually meant to rent this one originally, but I clicked the download button for Nemesis instead.) I liked First Contact more than Nemesis, mainly due to its better storyline.

Then, on Saturday, my friend K. and I went to see The Hunger Games. I have read all the books and the film did not disappoint, though some characters came across as quite bland in the film. (Whoever adapted the book to the screenplay had a wealth of amazing moments to work with for the character Haymitch, but apparently decided not to make Haymitch interesting at all in the film, which was disappointing. Also, the flashback scenes between Katniss and Peeta were very poorly done.)

All in all, I have been having fun since finishing the thesis. I went to a social event this evening at my university for graduating students and it was a lot of fun. I don’t really have that much of the semester left, which is strange to contemplate.

I do plan to have a post reflecting more on my thesis-writing experience, so keep an eye out for that.