Three Russia-Related Documentaries I REALLY Want to See…

…or why I sometimes wish I lived in a big city like New York or Los Angeles

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m an inveterate Russia watcher. I have been since about the time I started studying Russian. As a result, I have an insatiable appetite for Russia-related films. There are three documentaries in particular that I really, really want to see.

First: Cyril Tuschi’s recent film about Mikhail Khodorkovsky. It is available on DVD in the UK, but unfortunately has not been shown very much or released on DVD here in the US. I really want to see this, so if anyone knows where I can see it, I’d be grateful.

I heard about Putin’s Kiss but then promptly forgot about it. My mom reminded me recently. It also looks fascinating.

Finally, I read about My Perestroika on Lea Zeltserman’s blog, forgot about it, and recently remembered it.

And yes, I realize that there are places, shall we say, where I could acquire these films by less than legal methods. But honestly, I do not mind paying for them. I am perfectly willing to pay for a streaming rental or something like that. Any suggestions?