Watching a Film – With No English

When I heard of this film a few months ago, I knew I wanted to see it. It’s called Battle of Warsaw 1920 and is (predictably) about the Battle of Warsaw, a battle in the Polish-Soviet War. The Civil War period after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution is one of my favorite eras to study in history, so I knew I would love this film.

The only problem is the film is in Polish, and I do not speak Polish. (Believe me, I wish I did. I harbor a secret ambition to learn every Slavic language.) I did not have any success finding the film with English subtitles; however, I was able to get a hold of a copy with Russian subtitles. I decided to give it a go and see what I could understand.

By and large, I understood the whole film, which made me very happy. I have watched films subtitled in English before, but not subtitled in a foreign language. If you’re learning a foreign language, I would highly recommend watching a film in a language you don’t know with subtitles in the language you’re learning. It’s a very intriguing experience.

If you’re interested in the film, here’s the trailer with English subtitles.