Lost Parakeet Finds Its Way Home

This is so cute.

A parakeet that escaped Sunday from its home in Yokohama, Japan, has been reunited with its owner after belatedly telling police where it lived, the Kyodo News agency reports.

Fumie Takahashi’s bird flew its coop in the Sagamihara district on Sunday. It made its way into the city center, flying into a hotel and perching on the shoulder of a guest.

Police took the the baby-blue budgie back to jail, where for three days it demonstrated it was no stool pigeon. Then Tuesday night, it suddenly piped up, reciting its address in the concrete jungle, right down to the block and house number, Kyodo says, by way of the London Telegraph.

And of course, I’m sure you want to see a photo of the bird.

Yet another reason why my birds need to learn how to speak!