It’s Been One of Those Weeks…

Ну и неделя [what a week]. It’s been both good and bad, so I will make a list of what has happened. (The main reason I’m making a list is to show of my HTML skillz and make sure I don’t forget how to code lists in HTML!)

  • I got my job back! This is excellent news. The not-so-excellent news is they’ve hired another person on the team. He’s very nice, but… I can’t really say anything more because of that old adage our parents teach us: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”
  • We are getting super-high-speed internet at our house – finally! We were supposed to get it on Tuesday though, and we did not because Large National Internet and Phone Company kept rescheduling for no good reason.
  • My personal statement for grad school isn’t as good as I thought it would be. But better to discover this now, while I still have time to revise it, than later, right?
  • I have been reading literary works in Russian since Wednesday and my reading and writing skills in Russian are terrible, so I can forget about any language lust now. I can’t afford to lust after other languages because my Russian still needs improvement. It looks like I will be reading a lot of Russian books this summer…
  • I really, really don’t want to study my GRE math. How did I ever survive actual math in school? Looking back, I took a lot of math: I made it to AP Calculus (and pulled off a 5 on the exam). But math is so boring! And therefore I am uninspired to work on it.
  • To end on a good note, I have had my first conversation in Croatian over the internet!

How was your week?


One thought on “It’s Been One of Those Weeks…

  1. I officially broke up with my boyfriend, moved back to my parents’ house, finished my internship, feel like I definitely wanna work in politics, had a job interview, went to an amazing garden party, bought a charger for my laptop and tomorrow I’m going to Finland. Before that I’m going to enjoy some Polish vodka and go for a run in the rain. Oh, and I’ve been reading some Blok.
    And I’m wondering why I’m so tired in the mornings…
    Yay, for your first conversation in Croatian!
    Good luck with everything!!


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