You see the darndest things on the internet sometimes. Just the other day, I was reading a blog entry in which the lady who writes said blog proclaimed that she does not believe in owning private property (as in the sense that no one should be allowed to own private property). Yet in the previous post, she wrote about how she is currently selling her house because she is moving for her job.

Am I the only one appalled at how hypocritical people can be? On one hand, she says she does not believe in private property – on the other, she owns a house!

People are ridiculous.


One thought on “Hypocrisy

  1. Is this necessarily hypocritical? If you’re critical of dominating existing structures, should you stive to not be a part of them? It’s more or less impossible. Point in case: Anti-capitalism, or more generally criticism of the international financial system. Good luck trying to not in any way interacting with that …

    (Not that I’ve read the blog post you’re referring to, I’m just critical to the whole hypocricy-label being used to disarm valid criticism. Sometimes breaking something from within is a necessary evil, although this can easily be used as a bad excuse for not actually fighting for what one believes in, I guess.)


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