Fortune Cookie Wisdom

We had dinner at a certain Chinese restaurant the other night. I took a handful of fortune cookies when we left and I ate one last night. My fortune was something like “a big journey begins with a small step” and it made me strangely happy. You see, I spent most of yesterday working on the dreaded personal statement for grad school. Out of all the parts of the grad school application, I think it is the hardest thing to write. The writing sample is not as bad because I am going to submit a (revised) excerpt from my thesis. The GRE is annoying, but at least it is mainly a multiple-choice test. (It does have essays, but no one ever seems to care about those.)

Right now I am on my second draft of the personal statement. I heavily revised the beginning and cut out extraneous information. It’s shaping up nicely. I would like to have a final draft in the works by the end of this month.