Law School Scam Blogs

This may seem strange, but one of my favorite genres of blog to read are the law school scam blogs. I first discovered them back in 2011, when my mom showed me this New York Times article. It’s long, but well worth the read (and is partially responsible for my abandonment of the idea of going to law school). Some of my favorites are Rose Colored Glasses (who appears to be no longer writing), Esq. Never (who has another fabulous new blog here), and But I Did Everything Right!

It is not that I enjoy reading about other people’s misery. Believe me, I feel terrible for anyone who has hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and cannot get a job to pay it off. I’m just happy that I didn’t accumulate all this debt, too. Anyone who is considering law school and is not fabulously wealthy (which would be the majority of the population) should read, in depth, some law school scam blogs. It is important to know what you are getting into.