My Life is One Big Standardized Test

Remember what fun it was to fill in those bubbles?? (Not)

In high school, I took the SAT an insane amount of times. Considering how much studying I did and how early I had to get up to take it (I got up earlier on test days than I did for regular school days, which is really saying something), I am impressed now with my dedication. (It all paid off – I scored well into the 99th percentile.)

Four years later, another standardized test is looming over me: the GRE. I am so, so incredibly sick of remembering the value of pi, how to calculate probabilities, and so on. And don’t get me started on those inane passages for the reading sections. I can’t wait for the GRE to be over because I won’t have to do pointless math anymore. (Unless I ever work in the test prep industry, which, now that I think about it, would not be such a bad idea for me to do.)

Over the next few months, I plan on taking the following standardized tests:

  • GRE, mid- to late August (essential for grad school application)
  • Series 34 exam, December or January (this exam is one that is required for licensed forex brokers – as I’ve become interested in trading, I want to take it more as a personal challenge)
  • Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT), October (this is the first step of applying to the foreign service to become a diplomat and it weeds out a lot of people – I’ve heard most successful applicants did not pass it the first time and I want to give it a try)

It sounds like a lot, but I will just conclude with this thought: the LSAT (the test American students take to get into law school) is much worse than all three of these tests put together. I did some LSAT prep, and wow, that test is really, really challenging. Anyone who has scored above a 165 has my utmost respect.


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