The Countdown Begins…

A mere nine days remain until my GRE exam. Eek!

I have been studying like mad, but I stil do not know if I am ready for math. Luckily, from what I hear, math is not as important (in my field) as the verbal and analytical sections, but I am still apprehensive.

You see, I have never taken a computer adaptive test before. The SAT was (and still is) paper based, as is the LSAT. (Not that I’ve taken the LSAT, but I thought I was going to for a while, so I did loads of practice tests.) I bought three GRE books and one of them has a CD that mimics the format of the actual test, so I sort of know what to expect.

Most of all, I have to remember that the GRE isn’t the most important part of my application – the personal statement and writing sample are.


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