Links: Georgian Elections Edition

Is it weird that I think he’s kind of endearing and adorable?

I love the former Soviet Union. And yes, people living in those countries probably hate to be called that, but it’s a lot quicker than listing all the newly independent states into which the Soviet Union dissolved.

Anyway, there were parliamentary elections in Georgia this week, on October 1, and the opposition party Georgian Dream won. Here’s a selection of articles so you can learn more than you ever needed to know about the party, the elections, and the politician who may be the next leader of Georgia, Bidzina Ivanishvili.

Good old Ivanishvili’s wealth is equal to almost half of Georgia’s GDP, according to this epic article profiling the man.

Saakashvili’s not such a western-style pro-democracy leader after all, at least according to Foreign Policy. (I’ve been saying this for years, but no one listened to me. Ah, the age-old curse of being ahead of one’s time: everyone thinks you’re crazy, then when it turns out you were right, they won’t give you any credit.)

No one expected Georgian Dream to win – thus proving that most pundits and observers are not any more informed than you and I.

Ivanishvili is a bit of an unlikely politician, if you ask me. He comes across as very private and even shy, which are strange characteristics for a public figure.

Fine, I concede that Saakashvili was very fair in acknowledging that opposition’s victory (but that should not absolve him of any other bad things he’s done).

This article is just funny because of the caption below the obligatory photo of Ivanishvili: “Ivanishvili surprised even himself” (i.e. in winning the elections).

Apologies to anyone not interested in the politics of Georgia, as this post must have been quite boring for you.