Afrikaans: Preliminary Thoughts

This is my fifth day of officially studying Afrikaans. My views could be summed up in three words: I love it.

I love the way Afrikaans is pronounced. The sounds feel so familiar compared to English. There are some very weird vowel combinations, though, as in Goeie dag [Good day]. Both g’s are pronounced as a very heavy h sound, as in the ch of Bach. I found some YouTube videos with basic phrases that were very helpful in getting a feel for spelling and pronunciation.

Word order is quite strange at times. Ek kan Afrikaans praat [I can speak Afrikaans] is not what one would intuitively expect, as it is literally “I can Afrikaans speak.”

I have been learning vocabulary with Anki and have been pleasantly surprised at the similarities and cognates.

So far, I barely understand anything when I listen. But that’s okay, as I know I’ll get better with time.