Even Cold Water is Better than No Water

Two positively medieval experiences we’ve had in our household recently…

Last Friday, we had a rather unpleasant experience here in the household of Natalie and Her Parents. I woke up, tried to turn on the sink, but there was no water. The sink sputtered and nothing came out. After calling the water company, we determined that a lawnmower from the lot next door had run into our backflow valve. Rather than tell us what had happened, the person mowing had opted to turn off our leaking backflow valve and leave us to rather rudely discover that there was no water.

Luckily, the water was fixed that afternoon (and the lawn care company paid for it!). This experience made me realize that cold water is better than no water. Last month, the hot water heater broke (it was having problems for years, so it’s a miracle it did not break sooner) and we barely had any hot water. That was annoying, but preferable to no water at all.

I’m really glad I don’t live in the days of no plumbing… (Though admittedly if I did, I wouldn’t know what I was missing, right?)


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