There was no linguistics major at my university (I’m sorry to say that we produced virtually no scholarship in the field of linguistics), so I have never taken a linguistics class. Nevertheless, sometimes I wonder whether I have missed my life’s true calling by not being in this field. I think I possibly would greatly enjoy doing academic work in the field of Slavic linguistics. Specifically, I would like to examine the Russian and Serbian languages (my two favorite Slavic languages). Obviously I know nothing about the state of the field (perhaps this has been done already!), but in theory, it sounds fascinating.

For example, the word writer in Russian is писатель [pisatel’]. In Serbian, it’s književnik/књижевник. (Though I think I’ve seen pisats/писац as well.) In Russian, книга [kniga] means book, so there seems to be an older word influencing both languages.

Admittedly I don’t know much about linguistics. But I can’t help wondering what the field is like and whether I would like it or not.