Friday Night Reading

Yes, I know this is a bit late, but I was too busy earlier today. I am reading the strangest book ever. It’s called Cloak by James Gough and I downloaded it free on Kindle (it is no longer free). It is literally the weirdest book I’ve ever read, as it involves a boy who sees people with animal characteristics. He thinks he’s crazy, but it turns out he’s not.

Anyway, moving on to this week’s reading.

The Wall Street Journal has a massive feature about a Russian letter: ё (pronounced ‘yo’). I was so happy that a mainstream paper in this country covered such a random, obscure topic. And the Wall Street Journal wasn’t the only paper to do so: the Washington Post did too! My favorite fact from all of this is that Stalin promoted the use of ё. I’m an amateur Stalin scholar and I didn’t know that!

Quartz details some morbid scenarios about the world ending this week.

If you’re smart, you’ll invest in Africa. (Maybe.)

That’s all for now – have a good evening (or morning, or afternoon, depending on where you are), everyone!