Polish Pop Music

This is embarrassing. In addition to my other rather, er, esoteric interests, I’ve discovered that I quite enjoy Polish pop music. I don’t speak a word of Polish, but this song (which I found on a friend’s blog) is stuck in my head right now. It’s called “Czy ten pan i pani” by Ania Wyszkoni. Be careful if you listen to it – it’s catchy and will probably stick in your head, too!


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      1. Yeah, I think uma2rman became really popular after their song was picked to be in the soundtrack to “Nochnoi Dozor“. I have to say it’s pretty good – funny lyrics too (assuming you saw the film):

        И понял Антоха, что поступил плохо,
        И то, что развела его колдунья, как лоха.
        Но сила «иного» в антоновом взоре,
        А значит, он будет работать в «дозоре».

        Годы прошли, Городецкий не тужит,
        Водочку глушит, с вампирами дружит.
        Начальник хороший – мудрейший Гесер
        Был зам. министром in USSR.


      2. Ah yes, Nochnoi Dozor. I saw that when I was in first-year Russian and didn’t know anything yet, so I watched it with subtitles and basically don’t remember much about the film (other than the fact that I liked it), so I need to see it again.


  1. Hi Natalie! I had forgotten all about this song. 🙂 Also started to listen to above mentioned Uma Thurman, I quite like it 🙂
    My slovak is going… somehow 🙂 I read it and understand it, but have not yet had the time to start speaking it. Or when I try, the language coming out of my mouth is Polish 😀
    Merry Christmas!


    1. Merry Christmas to you too, Zsuzsi! Are you staying in Bratislava or going home to freezing cold Finland? 🙂

      Yes, the above-mentioned song is pretty cool. I was just telling my mom earlier how I wish there were an Eastern European pop radio station in our area. She laughed and pointed out that I’m probably the only person in our town who would listen to it. I supposed I’ll have to content myself with internet radio 🙂

      I’m glad the Slovak is coming along.


  2. Miło wiedzieć, że ktoś lubi polską muzykę 😉

    Nice song, most Poles would say that polish music is in deeeeep depression. But we like to grumble and lament. National trait 😉


    1. I can’t understand a word of what they’re singing in that song, but I love it anyway 🙂 Such a catchy tune!


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