С Новым Годом, or Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great 2013 so far. Have you made any resolutions?

Here are some of my own:

  • Learn more Russian. My Russian has improved a lot this year, but I want to improve even more. I want to learn more vocabulary and improve my pronunciation. I also want to read more books, both classics and modern literature.
  • This is related to the prior point: I want to stop lusting after other foreign languages and focus my efforts on my Russian. I’d rather know one foreign language with near-native fluency than two at a mediocre level. And I will stop obsessing over Serbian, once and for all! I love this language, I badly want to learn it, but I cannot at this point because it is similar enough to Russian to confuse me, and I certainly don’t want that to happen.
  • I’m signed up for two classes this semester and I plan to achieve top marks in both.
  • I want to read less and write more this year. Lots of reading is never a bad thing (seriously, the world would be a better place if more people read more books), but sometimes I feel like my reading time cuts into time I could be spend writing. And I want to finish that fabulous novel I’m working on, once and for all!

And I’m going to be all sanctimonious here and inform you that, while many of you are probably bundled up, freezing from snowy weather, I am sitting in my room with the window open since it’s 64 degrees outside. 🙂 Ah, life in the Balmy Tropics…


2 thoughts on “С Новым Годом, or Happy New Year!

  1. * Go to Prague
    * Go on some fun dates 🙂
    * Eat before drinking wine…
    * Try to survive all the full-time work + full-time studies madness…

    Ah… you meant something related to languages? 😀

    I definitely want to continue with Hungarian. And try to improve the old ones. And now I’ve suddenly got some strange fascination for German. I should be inspired by you and pcik just one.

    Hyvää uutta vuotta 😉

    1. Going on fun dates is definitely something I endorse! 🙂

      Yeah, I suppose it would be better to pick just one language. But really, it’s so hard. I know you have language lust like I do 🙂

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