I Hate the GMAT (and the GMAT Hates Me)

This is a rant; don’t read it unless you want to read my whining about a certain standardized exam!

I’ve been very annoyed all weekend because I took the GMAT on Friday. The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, is often used by business schools to screen applicants. I am applying to an academic program that requires it, so I took it. However, I’ve been angry because I did not receive the score I wanted. None of the prep questions I did, including the official GMAT software available on the official website, even remotely resembled the questions I saw on the exam. I felt very rushed on the math (no calculators are allowed, so I did lots of calculations by hand) and towards the end, I didn’t even understand some of the questions. (Did I mention that the test is adaptive, as in if you answer some questions correctly, the computer program gives you increasingly harder questions?)

What really annoyed me was the verbal section. Verbal is my thing, if you know what I’m saying. I’ve always been better with words than with numbers, so I expected to do well on the verbal section of the GMAT. I was worried while taking the exam, though, as some of the sentence correction questions (basically, you choose the correct wording for a sentence out of five options) simply did not have a correct answer. Really, what’s a person to do when all the given options have equally atrocious grammar?

I’ve been so angry ever since. I feel like I wasted both money (the test registration fee is $250!) and time on this exam (both the time I spent taking the exam and the time I spent studying). I never thought I would say this, but I love the GRE. For me, at least, the math was a lot easier and the verbal section actually made sense.


2 thoughts on “I Hate the GMAT (and the GMAT Hates Me)

  1. That’s indeed a pity. I always hated these multiple choice exams because some of the questions DO seem not to have any correct answer. It is like the questions have been outsourced to someone who does not really have a clear idea about the topic.

    PS: I don’t really know how I landed on your blog but I find your fascination for Russian language and culture amazing. I love the header pic of your blog.


    1. Thanks for the sympathy, Lena. I definitely feel like some of those GMAT questions were outsourced!

      I like your blog, too. 🙂 Are you Russian? Вы говорите по-русски?


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