Long Overdue Friday Reading

This Dashboard sticky is really full.
This Dashboard sticky is really full.

See that little screenshot of a sticky from my Mac dashboard? That’s today’s links, which I have been saving up for your reading pleasure for a number of weeks now. Some are important enough to merit separate posts, which I will be writing in the next week or so; others are simply interesting and I wanted to mention them. So, here goes.

On my old blog, a semi-popular political blog with a decent following, I used to mercilessly make fun of the BBC, as I did not always care for that venerated institution’s reportage. I’ve changed my opinion (somewhat) about the BBC, though, and have this link to prove it: an incredibly fair (and interesting) look at the rise of ultra-nationalists in Ukraine. This topic is of particular interest to me, so I’ll be writing about it in more detail in the future.

One of my favorite bloggers, Scott Young, has this brilliant article about intellectual ideas everyone should know. His criteria for such ideas is that they must “seem to illuminate far beyond what they were originally designed to explain.”

I never thought I’d be the kind of person who reads about calculus concepts (namely, degrees and radians) for fun, but apparently, one just never knows.

Cal Newport says that writing every day is bad advice. Do you agree?

And finally, which camp does your country fall into: the currency manipulators, or the manipulated? (Spoiler: the United States is manipulated; China, Russia, and (most surprisingly) Norway are manipulators.)