I’m Glad I Wasn’t an Angsty Teenager with a Xanga Blog

I fully admit that I was really strange in high school. I had some angst, but at least I didn’t express it on the internet for any of the world’s seven billion people to see. (I blogged in high school, but it was not angst-filled blogging. The angst was relegated to my private journal.)

Xanga never really took off at my high school, but LiveJournal was relatively popular, at least during freshman and sophomore years. The most notable incident with LiveJournal was when one of the semi-popular girls posted naked pictures of herself on there. People talked about that for weeks.

What made me think of this was a blogger’s old Xanga account. I’ve read some of her current work (she’s a university student now) and I found her old blog through a little searching on Google (I hadn’t known it existed; I just stumbled on it). The sad thing is, on her Xanga blog, she comes across as your average angst-ridden, sometimes stressed teenager, but now, one can definitely see that she’s changed for the worse. Personally, I’d like to think that I’ve changed for the better since high school.