Happy March!

Crocus and snowdrops in London (Hampstead Heath).
Crocus and snowdrops in London (Hampstead Heath).

Happy March, everyone! I’m officially on spring break now, so I should be able to go on a little vacation, right? Wrong, I have quite a bit of schoolwork to do, as both of my professors have decided to give tests the week we get back from spring break. I’ve had a lot of material to study, so that’s been keeping me busy.

I have also:

  • been seeing movies (Dark Skies is amazing; The Master is not)
  • gone to the dentist (that was yesterday and it was surprisingly not terrible)
  • been writing (my internet friend Vicki finished the first draft of her book, which makes me feel both envious and inspired)
  • been playing violin (I played lots of Beethoven today and no Mozart, surprisingly)

How has everyone else been doing?

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