photo of cape town
Cape Town. Or, as they say in Afrikaans, Kaapstad.

Well, people, I’m doing it. Remember how I did that six-week challenge with the Afrikaans language? And how I fell in love with it? But then I didn’t have enough time to properly devote myself to the challenge? And then the challenge was over, and I stopped studying Afrikaans? Yeah, that’s a brief recap of my relationship with the Afrikaans language.

What I haven’t said on this blog is how I’ve been pining for this language. Sure, I’ve had loads of stuff going on in my life this year (I’m in two classes right now and the material is becoming quite difficult), but I have lamented my lack of language learning this year. I don’t want to just be language learner (admittedly, it would be nice if someone would pay me good money to learn languages all day, but that’s not going to happen), but I do not want to give up language learning entirely, either.

So I’m going forward with my Afrikaans project. It’s okay if I learn more slowly than I did with Russian (this time, I don’t have a very demanding professor assigning homework every day, as I did in Russian!). At minimum, though, I want to do something in Afrikaans every day, whether it’s learning vocabulary, grammar, or doing some listening.

I have already met some very nice Afrikaans speakers on the internet who have been very helpful. They all were quite curious to know why I decided to learn Afrikaans. Admittedly it is a bit hard even for me to understand. I just really like the way the language sounds and what little speaking I’ve done so far feels almost like speaking my native English. (In comparison to Russian, that is. Even after four years, moving my mouth around those Russian sounds can be very difficult.)

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